The production of Jade Valley wines follows strict rules which involve advanced equipment and international standards. From pressing, crashing, fermentation to cellaring, each step is executed without any compromise. In the vineyard, Jade Valley follows the principals of traditional European craftsmanship from pruning to picking, all completed by hands. As one of the few Chine estate wines, Jade Valley demands authenticity and hone with regards to production year and classifcation (For example, out fagship Stone House wines are not available every year).
Jade Valley applies wine classifcation after current aesthetic buildings names. Each building represents different levels of Jade Valley wine: the rarity and nobilit of Stone House, the humanity and landscape of Well Hall. the vibrant and easy drinking of Wine Dorm, all have thedistinctive characteristics. The classifcation after building names is a novel creation in the world. This splendid creative idea opens a new epoch of Chinese fne wines.

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