Persimmon 2010

The persimmon produced in Lantian Town of Shaanxi Province is small with very thin skin, and the taste is sweet and a little bit bitter, which makes it a proper material for wine-making. The brewing process of persimmon wine is totally different from that of wine made by grapes because that the primary structure of persimmon is pectin. It takes almost five years to develop and innovate new techniques, thus the “Persimmon Wine of Qingyu River” owns a matured and stable processing technology, and we already applied national standard and patent.

The wheat-straw-yellow persimmon wine is as crystal clear and transparent as citrine. The pleasing and adorable sweet aroma of persimmon slowly overflows into nasal cavity with the wobbling of glasses; a sweet and smooth entry is followed by the fresh aroma of persimmon, and reminds us of the happiest memories of eating permission in our childhood.

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