The 2009 Stone House Cabernet Sauvignon invites you to look beyond its garnet hue. Aromas of cassis, plum, black cherry, and blueberry ride on plumes of coffee and chocolate rising from the wine. Nuances of oak, fennel, wet skipping stone, and orange peel slowly reveal themselves. The entry is smooth, round, and juicy,followed by an increase in creaminess. Well-balanced with good texture and add a space good structure. Juicy finish with some drying notes. Hot, rich tannin, good finish and aftertaste. Astringent, soft tannin, rich, rough, bitter a little, toasty, moderate to long finish.

Aging in Oak Barrel


The ruby color of the 2009 Well Hall Cabernet Sauvignon ripples in the glass like the surface of water struck by a lucky coin. Fruity aromas of black cherry, raspberry, and strawberry emerge from a smoky veil. Hints of red rose, caramel, and pine emerge as the wine is swirled in the glass. A soft entry with a glowing acidity is followed by a creamy richness, well-balanced middle. It is framed by good structure of fine-grained tannins. The finish is bright with floral and blackberry flavors which linger.

Aging in Oak Barrel


The 2009 Wine Dorm Pinot Noir is fruity with aromas of raspberry, strawberry, and white plum. Time in oak is expressed in spicy, vanilla, cinnamon, caramel, and black licorice aromas. The color of the wine is ruby. The entry is smooth, lean, and juicy with flavors of raspberry and black pepper. The structure is well-defined, and it envelops a nice core of richness. Vibrant acidity is present, and the finish is moderately long.

Aging in Oak Barrel


Flecks of green sparkle in the pale yellow color of the 2009 Courtyard Sauvignon Blanc. The first layer of aromas which lift out of the glass are of pear, fig, and apple. At second glance pineapple, peach, and banana are detected. In the background are hints of green olive, mineral, and citus. The soft, sweet entry showcases flavors of melon and licorice as a creamy texture builds. The acidity of the wine glows through the creamy texture like a street light on a wide foggy boulevard. This Sauvignon Blanc has good balance and structure, and its finish is long and pure.

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2009 ROSE

2009 Winery Rosé is a transparent rosy color and reveals aromas of watermelon, pomegranate, and cherry blossom with hints of honey and dried hay. This delicately fruity wine is light bodied and has a refreshing entry with a slightly edgy finish. This wine is best when served chilled and within two years of the vintage.

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